Columbia College Chicago Comedy Studies will consider applications from students attending any four-year college or university who:

  • Are currently enrolled-or have recently graduated- at the undergraduate level in a college or university.
  • Have, or will have, reached a minimum of junior-level standing- or have successfully completed a minimum of 60 credit hours- by the time the program begins.
  • Demonstrate training and/or accomplishment in performance, comic writing and improvisation.

Applicants Must Provide the Following:

  • Completed online application including uploaded theatrical resume (or description of experience), letter of recommendation, and essays.
  • Transcripts to be mailed in to Columbia College Chicago Admissions with proof of successfully completing 60 credit hours or more.
  • Proof of completion of the following courses or their equivalents
    • Improvisation Techniques I
    • Acting II: Advanced Scene Study
    • English Composition II
    • Or narrative description of equivalent academic or non academic experience (for example; college improv or sketch groups, post high school acting classes, etc.)

Unsure whether you have the relevant experience? There are multiple ways to fulfill these requirements, for more information please email

See the "Apply" page for further information about the application process for the program.

Returning Columbia Students Must Provide the Following:

  • Complete Comedy Studies online form.
  • One faculty reference.
  • Theatrical headshot and resume and/or a short description of experience.
  • Three short essays.

See the "Apply" page for further information about the application process for the program if you are a current Columbia student. 

Important Dates


We still have a few spots open for Spring 2023! Apply ASAP for a chance to join us for the Semester! 


Applications for Summer 2023 have an early bird deadline of February 15 

All applications for Summer 2023 are due by March 29

Summer program will run June 12- July 23 for 2023 

FALL 2023

Applications for Fall 2023 have an early bird deadline of February 15 

All applications for Fall 2023 are due by March 29



*Tuition periodically changes, so these numbers can fluctuate slightly. Exact tuition prices will be given upon acceptance into the program. Feel free to visit for further information about shifts in tuition for Columbia College Chicago.


Tuition for the 12 credit hour semester of Comedy Studies is $8,820.00 ($735 per credit hour)


Tuition for the 16 credit hour semester of Comedy Studies is $14,635.00.

Additional Fees:

Fees Full-Time : 12 credits or more $735
Student U-Pass Fee Full-Time $153 (HIGHLY recommended)

The Comedy Studies program, as well as Columbia College Chicago, do not offer any forms of financial aid to visiting students. Please check with your home institution to see if any aid you are currently using can be applied to your semester with Comedy Studies.